Effortless Ecommerce Analytics

Maximizing your profitability has never been this easy.

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Powerful Reporting Right Out Of The Box

Understand your business like never before, with beautiful, simple ecommerce analytics that deliver an instant look at how your sales revenue, ad spend, shipping costs, and more impact profits.

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All Your Data in One Place

Keep daily tabs on a 360° view of your business health and profitability with profit analytics that combine data from your favorite ecommerce tools—all in one place.

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Trusted Profit Partners

Let’s take the path to higher profits and sustainable growth together.

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We're Far More Than Just a Calculator

You deserve someone on your side. We’re real people ready to look out for your business’ best interests and help you make smart business moves, no matter where you’re at in your journey.


Rely on Real Ecommerce Experts

Together with our Profit Partners, you’ll develop a deeper, more meaningful understanding of your ecommerce analytics and profitability, so you can continuously grow your business.

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Growth Driven Insights

Take your business beyond expectations with our proven tools and strategic insights

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Gain Valuable Discoveries at Every Stage

Feel empowered by personalized business insights that help you learn from yesterday, understand today, and plan for tomorrow.

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Take Control of Your Financial Health

We provide education, recommendations, and information to encourage profitable growth with insights pulled directly from your earnings, ad spend, shipping costs, and more.

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Real Stores, Real Results

Thousands of ecommerce shops around the world use OrderMetrics to track their profitability, keep a pulse on their business health, and sustainably grow.

Your Favorite Ecommerce Tools, All In One Place

OrderMetrics syncs with the tools you already use to sell, track, and advertise. Bring your financial data together for a powerful look at profitability across your entire business.

How It Works

We’re here to see to it that your ecommerce business grows profitably. Here’s how.

Connect Your Store

Start by connecting your store with just a few simple clicks to get next level insights from your data.

Integrate Your Tools

Get a 360° view of your business health and profitability by combining your favorite ecommerce tools into one centralized hub.

Get Instant Access to Ecommerce Analytics

Use our reliable, simple, and elegant analytics to better understand your profit margins and the real costs impacting your future growth.

Gain Actionable Business Insights

Rely on our industry trends, actionable profitability insights, and at-a-glance report indicators to boost your confidence, increase efficiency, and know what to do next.

Partner With Real Ecommerce Experts

Connect with our Profit Partners to get personalized insights from your data. We’re real people with real investment in helping you reach your untapped business potential.

You're Not Alone

Money can be scary and math can be hard. But neither are as scary or hard as trying to grow a business. That’s why we’re here to help, with OrderMetrics Profit Partners. We’re real human beings, and ecommerce experts. And together, we’ll help you grow your business—all for a simple, affordable monthly price.

Explore Our Knowledge Hub

Developed by industry experts who know what it takes to build profitable ecommerce businesses, use our tools to help you learn and prosper.

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From trends to tips, the OrderMetrics blog covers all the topics you need to help better understand your ecommerce analytics and plan for growth.

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We think knowledge builds confidence and empowers you to grow. Our guides and resources offer insider expertise to help you take control of your online business.

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Help Center

Get access to one-on-one support, frequently asked questions, and technical documentation to keep your operations clipping along with ease.

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