Meet OrderMetrics—Your Profit Partner

We partner with ecommerce business owners like you, to help you find more profits in your everyday activities.

  • Connect your income streams and relevant costs to get an instant view of the profitability of your business.
  • Get a holistic look into your financial health with integrations across Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more to come.
  • Easily manage your ecommerce analytics with elegant, beautiful dashboards and reports.
  • View elegant, in-depth analytics backed by a personalized support system to help you understand your business better.

Ready? Let's get started.

We’re real human beings and ecommerce experts. Together, we’ll help you grow your business.

Our Story

At OrderMetrics, we’re a little nerdy, but we give you a whole lot more than just an advanced calculator. We’re real people, looking out for your best interests and we keep it real so you can continue to grow. 

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses get a grasp on their bottom line, and more importantly—we’ve helped them grow. Our community is made up of digital merchants of all sizes so we know what growth looks like at each step, and we’re here to meet you wherever you are.

So instead of a super computer that produces overwhelming printouts and sends you on your way—think of us as a financial planner for direct to consumer brands, who’ll meet with you in a black t-shirt instead of an all-black suit. A friend who knows that money is scary and math is hard. But neither are as scary or hard as trying to grow a business. 

That’s why we’re here. Together, we can grow your business.

Our Core Principles

At OrderMetrics, we’re your trusted advisor as a growing ecommerce merchant. Internally as a team, we’ve got a handful of things we cherish. And we want to share them with you.

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We’re growth-minded. We always look for opportunities to grow, in our pursuit of excellence. That means personally, professionally, and as a company. It’s okay to fail in our pursuit of that growth, because it means we’re trying. We won’t always be perfect, and that’s okay. We experiment, fall down, and get back up again. Because failing forward is how we all grow.

Customer Stories


We prioritize diversity. We cherish our differences, because we value the uniqueness of each individual. Diversity of thought, origin, person, and opinion makes us categorically stronger together. So we not only value diversity of all kinds—we prioritize it. Because diversity creates more value for our customers, communities, and our culture.



We’re radically transparent. We can do more together when we know more together. And we can only know more together when we’re as transparent as possible with our teammates and across all areas of the business. We gladly share opinions through open debate, give radically candid feedback to each other, and share data wherever possible.



We embrace calm. We strive to create a calm culture with our energy, attitude, and behavior. Living in an “always on” hustle culture makes everything feel urgent, reactive, and unfocused. That’s why we use intentionality and boundary-setting to prevent burnout and help us reach our full potential. We do our best in a productive, focused, and calm environment.