Custom costs are here! Add influencer marketing spend, app software fees, and more

You can now add custom costs for both one time and recurring expenses to be subtracted from your net profit figure in Order Metrics. Example costs include influencer marketing spend, Shopify app/software fees, payroll, rent, Ad spend on alternative platforms, and more! This is a great tool to monitor your ecommerce businesses's profitability fluctuations on a regular basis. If you still need to sign up for Order Metrics, you can do so here:

Custom Spends

How? Head to Data Warehouse -> Custom Spends. Create a new category, add a new spend, select a category, select a start & end date, frequency, and amount. Then refresh the page. Thats it! You can easily edit these costs on this same page.

**The custom cost feature is available on Legacy, Growth, and Advanced plans (but not our Lite plan)

** We are excited to see how merchants end up using this versatile feature to keep track of their profitability.