Historical Product Costs and Country Based Shipping Cost Rules are Here

We have 2 much anticipated product feature announcements for you! Order Metrics is excited to announce the release of historical product costs and country based shipping cost rules by product

Historical Product Cost Details

What does this feature do?

Historical COGS allows you to add different costs for the same product over different date ranges. For example, You start selling a product in June called "Funny Tshirt - Gray" and your vendor charges you $10.00. June sales go great and starting August 1st you are able to negotiate the price down with your vendor to $7.00. Our Historical COGS feature allows you to apply the product cost of $10.00 from June 1st - July 31st and the cost of $7.00 from August 1st onward.

Why is it important?

If used properly, this feature significantly increases the accuracy of your profit analysis. Vendors often change prices due to pricing negotiations, sales/promotions, and volume discounts. Additionally, if you are buying products in bulk, you can account for variable freight charges to your warehouse with this method. For example, if freight costs to deliver 5 pallets of Widget A costs $1500 in June but freight costs to deliver the same 5 pallets of Widget A in November increase to $2500 - you are able to recalculate COGS for Widget A and enter the according values for the different date ranges.

How do I use it?

Using this feature is simple.

  1. Head to Data Warehouse -> COGS Data and you should see a button that says "Manage Historical COGS". Click this button for the product or variant you want to edit.
  2. Enter the product cost and date range that you want this cost to be applied to orders for. Note - if this cost is being entered for a product, all underlying variants will be affected. If you want to change this cost per variant, simply click the blue "+" sign next to the product name and find the variant you would like to edit. 
  3. Make sure to check the box that says "Check if current price" if you want this product cost to be applied for all new/future orders. You can always come back and change this.

Note - if you use our AliExpress integration, orders synced with AliExpress already track vendor pricing changes for synced orders. However, you can still use this feature to project costs for un-synced orders. Disregard this note if you do not use AliExpress.

Country Based Shipping Cost Rules per Product

What does this feature do?

This feature allows you to create shipping cost rules for orders based on the product and country that the package is being delivered to.

Why is it important?

If we are not able to find the actual shipping cost for each order via one of our shipping integrations (ie ShipStation, ShippingEasy, AliExpress) or a manually entered shipping cost, then we rely on your default shipping settings. In the past, you have been able to use the shipping amount charged as the shipping cost or a fixed rate shipping cost as your default shipping settings - both of which offer a rough estimate of the shipping cost. However, shipping costs can greatly vary by the country which the package is being delivered to. By specifying how much a package costs to ship to a certain country, the accuracy of your profit analysis can increase significantly - especially if you have lots of international orders. Again, this will only apply to orders that do not have a real shipping cost associated with them (pulled from an integration or manually uploaded)

How do I use it?

  1. Head to Data Warehouse -> Shipping Data and you should see a button that says "Manage Country rules" for each of your products. Click this button for the product you want to edit. Note - currently we only support country based shipping cost rules on the product basis. All underlying variants will have this rule applied.
  2. To prevent you from having to enter a shipping cost for every single country, we allow you to enter 1 default shipping cost for the majority countries.
  3. Then, you can specify countries that have different shipping costs 

We plan to add more advanced shipping rules in the near future. If you have a suggestion on a rule you would like to see, please email us hello@ordermetrics.io

Both of these features are available on our "Advanced" plan

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