Powerful Attribution Reporting For Marketers

Find out how all your marketing works together to deliver ROI. Discover the value of your top customer conversion paths. Optimize the profitability & LTV of every single marketing channel, ad campaign, and even individual ads.

Attribution is included with the OrderMetrics dashboard

Are you spending your ad money wisely?

If you don't know, OrderMetrics attribution modeling can help you. We make it easy! Get setup in minutes and stop running unprofitable ads.

Multi-Touch Journey Attribution

Understand how all your marketing campaigns work together to drive sales. If a customer clicks a Google ad, and then they sign up for an email list, then click an email and then make a purchase - we can show you that path, how many others took it, and the profitability after all costs involved. Pretty cool, right?

LTV By Channel & Campaign

Each of your marketing channels can bring in different kinds of customer. Compare the LTV of customers you acquire from Facebook to Adwords, to those from social media or organic search. Drill down into each Google & Facebook campaign, compare the LTV & profit for each ad group or even individual ads.

Campaign Reporting

We give you insight into the profitability of each marketing channel, attributing revenue to every channel. View details to go deeper into each campaign and find the ROI from every ad group or ad.

You can see exactly which channel has the highest LTV, and also sort them by profit, number of orders, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and more.

Drill down into each Ad Channel, Ad Campain and even Ad Set to see all kinds of details, like LTV:CAC ratio for each ad. More insights about your ads than ever before.

OrderMetrics allows you to export the customer list from your top performing campaigns, which you can use to retarget or create lookalike audiences.

Understand Conversion Journeys

The easiest way to understand marketing attribution is to view your customer journeys. We illustrate each conversion path and attribute revenue & profit to each step.

Yes, we give you a clear visual way to understand attribution reporting. See all your top conversion paths across all types of marketing, as well as attributed revenue and crucially, the attributed profit for every path.

Filter the Top Customer Journeys report to see how your individual campaigns work in tandem with your other marketing. So if someone clicks an email link and then buys later based off organic search, you can see that.

We allow you to choose from 4 attribution models and make attribution easy to understand by illustrating the conversion paths along with attributed profit after ad spend. See how your email marketing and paid ads work in tandem to deliver profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ecommerce platforms does this work for?

a) Currently our attribution module works with Shopify. Support for Magento is coming soon.

How accurate is this, really?

a) Extremly accurate! We calculate the true profitability for every single order. This includes shipping costs, product costs, transaction fees, discounts, refunds... you name it!

What is the OrderMetrics Financial dashboard?

a) Our dashboard is what powers the attribution feature. It crunches the data so that the attribution module can work properly and accurately. Plus, you get an awesome dashboard to see all of your analytics in one place

What type of attribution model do you use?

a) It varies by report. At the core, we rely on Google Analytic's last touch attribution model. In our Top Customer Journeys we allow you to choose between Position Based, Last Click Non Direct, Linear & Time Decay. For more info, read our guide to Attribution Models.

Is my data safe?

a) Yes! Please read our data policy

I am bad at remembering to tag my marketing campaign URL's - will this still work?

a) Yes! The attribution module includes a feature to automatically tag your Facebook and Google Advertising campaigns. All of your campaigns will be tagged properly to work with our attribution module. This feature will appends your url so any exisiting tags (UTM or otherwise) will not be disrupted

Will auto-tagging hurt my Ad performance?

a) Using our Auto-tagging system should not hurt Ad performance as we only apply tagging to newly created ads. Tagging existing ads can cause ads to go back into 'review' which can cause engagement or data loss. We avoid this risk by only tagging new ads before they have any engagement or pixel data.

What is required for Attribution to work properly?

a) You must have Google Analytics installed on your site, connected to Ordermetrics, and have enhanced ecommerce tracking enabled. Additionally, you will want to make sure the auto-tagging checkbox is checked beneath your Facebook Ad integration switch (You can find this checkbox under Data Warehouse -> Integrations -> Facebook Ads after signing up)