Must Have Shopify Apps for Metrics

Setting up analytics for your Shopify store can be a daunting task. However, the Shopify app marketplace has enabled store's of all sizes to access enterprise level analytics that help store owners and employees to make data-driven decisions without needing a technical background. Based on our own experience and input from tech blogs around the web, here are our top 3 picks for must have reporting/analytics apps for Shopify stores.

1) Lucky Orange - Record visitors of your site and see where they get stuck



It can be frustrating to know that customers are visiting your site and maybe even adding products to their cart but end up leaving without making a purchase. Lucky Orange is a Shopify app that helps you discover why your customers are leaving withut making a purchase. They do this by capturing a video recording of each visitor interacting with your website. Watching a recording of your visitors helps you discover where they get stuck, confused, or turned off by pricing.

In addition to video recordings, they offer vistor surveys, heatmaps and live chat, however we have only tested out their video recording feature.

The Lucky Orange Shopify app is affordable, comes with a free 7-day trial, and it’s a no-brainer to give it a try.

2) Order Metrics - Monitor and improve your store's profitability

Staying on top of your costs is an essential task to run a successful ecommerce store and unfortunately Shopify does not offer proper reporting tools to manage your store’s costs or profit. Fortunately, has created an excellent app that helps you analyze your store’s profitability at the product and order level. It sits somewhere between an ERP and an accounting system – giving you a detailed view of where your store is and is not making profit.

As veteran store owners have likely experienced, it can be difficult to keep track of your Cost of Goods, discounts/promotions, shipping costs, and Facebook/Google Adwords spend when the data is scattered across multiple channels. Order Metrics combines this data into a single dashboard that shows overall profitability in real time. This makes Order Metrics it an extremely useful tool for store’s who want to spend less time organizing data and more time making improvements and finding new customers.

Order Metrics comes with a free trial and requires very little setup to get started.

Disclosure: The writers of this post, own and operate Order Metrics

3) Semantics3 Analytics - Track customer behavior data 

Semantics3 is a great supplement to Shopify Advanced Reports. The analytics tool helps you discover insights into individual customers, segments of customers, and cart abandonment.

The app organizes customer data to show their behavior on your website, purchase history, total revenue, and more.

Additionally, you can see cart abandonment data by product which can be useful to see which products are commonly being added to a customer's cart, but not making a completed purchase

Semantics3 Analytics comes with a 7-day free trial