Product Update - August

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work in order to bring you some exciting new updates that will hopefully make your life a little easier!

New User Interface

Our team is excited to announce the release of our new light themed user interface. The dashboard layout and core functionality remain unchanged; we simply refreshed the dashboard with a sleek redesign to enhance readability and easy of use. We currently still have the dark theme as an option – simply click the button in the top left to toggle between screens. If you have feedback on the new design please send us an email at

New Currency Conversion Feature for Multi-Storefront

In addition to the new user interface, we are excited to release a new automated currency conversion feature for multi-storefront accounts. Gone are the days of manual inputting currency rates and approximating the current value of your orders – we are now providing real time daily updated currency rates. In addition, we are converting your past orders with accurate historical exchange data. Here is a helpful link to learn more.

New Advanced Shipping Rules

Lastly, we have new product shipping rules for incremental order quantities. This now gives customers the option to multiply shipping costs for multi-quantity product orders or to keep a fixed shipping rate. For example, if I sell 2 of product A and it typically costs $5 to ship product A, I can either set the shipping rule to multiply the shipping cost = $10, or to keep the shipping cost as fixed at $5. Here is a link to learn more.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new features and we appreciate any feedback. Please feel free to send feedback or feature suggestions to

Happy Selling,

The OrderMetrics Team