We are Hip to Ship…Station!


I don’t think it’s news to you that ShipStation is one of the most popular order fulfillment products available. It helps ecommerce retailers organize, process, and fulfill their order from Shopify to all of the top shipping carriers.


ShipStation is a hugely relied upon resource for Shopify sellers, and it was our most highly requested shipping app integration. 




How it works


You’ll directly connect ShipStation to your OrderMetrics account and we’ll pull your shipping expenses from ShipStation. These expenses will be reported within your dashboards to give you a more accurate picture of your profitability and business expenses.


Why do shipping costs matter?


Shipping is a highly variable part of ecommerce. You can choose to cover shipping and work it into your product price, or you may offer free shipping during a sale. You may also have the customer pay a flat rate for shipping that doesn’t always fully cover the cost of actual shipping. ShipStation is, of course, going to manage all of that for you and help you determine the costs – but that doesn’t necessarily give you the entire picture.


When you connect ShipStation to OrderMetrics, we’re working your shipping costs into your overall profit metrics. That means if you’re actually paying for shipping, it’s worked in as a cost to your business. If you’re making money off of a flat shipping rate, then that will be factored in separately as a profit. 


When you have this data available, it will help you make better decisions about your shipping fees. Perhaps offering free shipping means you take a hit on the initial cost, but your product profits more than make up for that. Or perhaps you’re spending too much on shipping in general and need to raise your costs. OrderMetrics will outline all of that data for you in a simple way that makes it easy to gather insight and make smart decisions.


Learn How


You can learn how to technically set up this integration in our help center. As always, please reach out to support if you need help getting set up, or have questions about the metrics you see in your dashboard!


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Written By:

Molly Corless

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