Product Updates

Nov 04 2019

Added the ability to connect your Snapchat ad account.

Oct 25 2019
Refund/Return shipping cost functionality

We have added further options for calculating refunds and returns in OrderMetrics. Now customers have the option to leave shipping cost unchanged for refunds and to double shipping costs for returns.

Oct 23 2019
Bing Ads

Fixed a small bug with our Bing ads integration.

Oct 15 2019
Multiple Facebook Accounts

Added the ability to edit / add multiple Facebook accounts.

Oct 7 2019
Amazon Integration

Ability to brand sponsored ads.

Oct 4 2019
Mobile App in Beta

We have released a beta for our mobile app on iOS and android. Follow-up with to be add to the beta trial.

Oct 1 2019
New Date selector

We improved the look of our date selector.

Sep 25 2019
Additional User Accounts and Logins

Added functionality to add additional user accounts and logins. Currently, all user accounts share the same account privileges.

Sep 21 2019
Update to Aliexpress

Fixed extension for a change in the Aliexpress store.

Sep 20 2019
Edit Buttons

Added edit buttons to make it easy to navigate to edit transaction fees.

Sep 5 2019
Amazon Ads

We updated Amazon Ads to separate North America and Europe.

Sep 1 2019
Added currency conversion selector

Added new currency selector to toggle between different functional currencies for the dashboard.

Aug 31 2019
New Shipping Quantity Breaks

Shipping quantity breaks allow users to set unit shipping costs for incremental quantities of the same product. Typically, users set decreasing unit costs for increased product quantity. Here is an example of quantity breaks setup for the product Black Leather Bag:

Aug 15 2019
Multiplier for Multiple Product Quantities

Costs that are assigned per item can be affected by the optionally applied multiple per quantity check. Additionally, per item costs are affected by the sum of costs or high product shipping costs.

Aug 10 2019
New Light Theme UI

Based on customer feedback we developed a light theme for our dashboard.