Yes! You can add multiple Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, and eBay storefronts to a single dashboard to see the total profitability of your entire business. We also offer filters so you can break down these metrics by storefront. This feature is also useful for agencies who run stores on behalf of their clients. You can add storefronts after signing up. Simply head to the Settings -> Plans/billing section to add a new storefront.
The revenue figure in OrderMetrics is the actual amount the customer was charged, minus refunds and gift cards. We start with this figure and then subtract all expenses from here.

For an order, Gross profit = Revenue - COGS - Shipping cost - handling fees (optional) - transaction fees - taxes (pulled from sales channel)

OrderMetrics accounts for refunds on the date of a successful transaction of money back to the customer. Note that a refund is different from a return because a return reflects the monetary value of the goods returned to the store, while a refund reflects the value of money reimbursed to the customer. Additionally, a return may be issued at a different date from the corresponding refund. Also note that we do not include returns from cancelled orders, since we exclude cancelled orders from our profit analysis.
OrderMetrics excludes cancelled orders from our profit calculation, so they do not count towards revenue or COGS. Refunds from cancelled orders are also not included in the profit calculation. However, we do include the cancelled orders in the total order count.
Income from gift card purchases is counted as revenue. If a gift card is used to purchase an order, the amount from the gift card is not counted towards the revenue.
All taxes, including VAT, are accounted for in the taxes column. The revenue figure also includes these taxes and they are subtracted out when gross profit is calculated. The tax field is pulled directly from the sales channel (ie. Shopify, Amazon)
You can choose to include / exclude unpaid orders under the "Settings" section of the dashboard
We do not sell or share your data with anyone. We have written an easy to understand data policy that you can read here.
All sales are typically final. We do not offer refunds unless there was a billing error on our end. However, we do offer credit for any unused time on a plan.
You can add or change your Facebook accounts by heading to Data Warehouse -> Integrations and finding the Facebook Ad switch. Click the red "Remove" button and then turn the switch back on (see attached). Go through the steps, select the accounts you want to add and you should be good to go!

AliExpress Integration

Yes, you can apply a conversion under the Settings section of the dashboard. Please note you must re-sync Aliexpress costs via the Chrome Extension after a new conversion rate is entered.
If you use Dropified app then a tracking number is not required to sync costs and costs will show up for each order if you enable the setting called "Save AliExpress Order ID as a standard Order Note".

If you use Oberlo or a different service, a tracking number must be reported back to Shopify (this typically happens automatically when an order is shipped). In this case, we highly reccomend you enter product costs under Data Warehouse -> COGS Data as we will fall back on these numbers if an order is not yet shipped.
Yes! We highly recommend manually adding your average cost price for each product. If a cost or order is not found in AlIExpress, we will fall back on the costs entered for each product. Please watch this video for help uploading product costs.
In general, we associate your AliExpress orders with Shopify orders via tracking number, and therefore your product costs will be available once the AliExpress order has shipped. However, if you are using Dropified App, we will also automatically use the AliExpress Order numbers that Dropified puts in the "Order Note" section. If you are not using Dropified App, we highly recommend you enter product costs under Data Warehouse -> COGS Data as we will fall back on these numbers if an order is not yet shipped.

* For orders with five or more line items, Dropified may not report all of the AliExpress Order IDs in the order note. In this case, we will still match the remaining AliExpress orders using their tracking number.
No. You must sync your costs using the “Sync Costs” button on your AliExpress orders/admin page. This button must be pressed for your costs to show up in OrderMetrics. Due to security restrictions with the Chrome Extension, we are not able to press this button on your behalf or access your browser behind the scenes.

Amazon Seller Central Integration

Yes! You can connect multiple storefronts to a single dashboard. This is a great way to see all of your data in one place.
Yes, we pull in all of your historical data. If you have hundreds of thousands of orders, Amazon may limit the number of requests we can make. If this is the case, please email us hello@ordermetrics.io
Yes, these fees are categorized as "transaction fees" within Ordermetrics and we apply these fees on a per order basis - pulled directly from Amazon.
Yes, we do track FBA fees on the per order level and allow you to see these values as a sum total based on the date range you have selected. These also may be categorized as "handling fees" within Ordermetrics.

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