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We know that you don’t just care about profitability — your margin is the lifeblood of your business. Get a daily pulse on your financial health in a clear, digestible way.

Your OrderMetrics Dashboard Highlights

  • Sales revenue
  • Ad spend
  • Shipping costs
  • Net margin
  • Expense breakdown

And everything else that impacts your profits. Together, we can make running your business effortless.

OrderMetrics Pulse Dashboard

Get to know the OrderMetrics pulse dashboard—a simple, elegant system that integrates with all of your favorite ecommerce tools to give you a pulse on your profit in one, convenient hub.

Your Favorite Ecommerce Tools, All In One Place

OrderMetrics syncs with the tools you already use to sell, track, and advertise. Bring your financial data together for a powerful look at profitability across your entire business.

Grow Your Profits

A 360° view of your profitability is great but what’s even better is a deeper understanding of your numbers. When you know how your data impacts your bottom line, you can make smarter decisions on the road to greater profits.

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Shipping Costs

Reduce your shipping costs with tried and true advice from real business owners.

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Product Pricing & Discounts

Get insider advice on determining the best price and when to offer deeper discounts.

Customer Value

Customer Lifetime Value

Find out how up-selling, bundles, and loyalty programs can increase customer retention.

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Paid Media

Learn how to optimize your advertising campaigns with information based on your analytics.