Google Adwords + OrderMetrics

Google Adwords data combined with profitability data can be a powerful mixture to grow your business.

How OrderMetrics works with

We make it easy to track your Google Adwords advertising costs, simply connect your account and we do the rest.
New! Use our automatic ad tagging feature to see exactly which orders came from which ads.

Track Costs & Profit

Keep your Adwords costs in check by monitoring them on your business's daily profit dashboard.

Unlimited Order History

We impose no limits on how much data we can analyze from Adwords.

Understand AdWords LTV

Are the customers you attract with Adwords Ads delivering real LTV? View the customer LTV of each Campaign and find out!

Unlock the power of OrderMetrics Attribution Modeling

Go beyond daily profit tracking and use OrderMetrics + Adwords to really optimize your Adwords ads.

(You need to enable Attribution or switch to our Pro plans for this feature)

AdWords Attribution

Other reports only show you conversion values for advertising! With OrderMetrics, you can identify which of your Ad campaigns make you the most profit after ad spend, discounts, shipping, COGS & more.

Run Profitable Google Ads

Since you can see which campaigns are driving profitable sales, you can disable or optimize those which appear to be working, but are not.

Get Setup in 5 Minutes

  1. From the OrderMetrics Data Warehouse, choose the Integrations tab.
  2. Set the Google Adwords button to on.
  3. Connect to Google and approve our app.
  4. We automatically start to pull all your advertising costs from Google for detailed profit analysis.
  5. View your store's profit on the main dashboard after all Google Adwords costs are considered!

The Ultimate Profit Dashboard

Everything you need to monitor your business performance - in one clean dashboard.

See your true daily net profit & Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)! Works across multiple storefronts, combining Shopify, eBay, Amazon & WooCommerce. You net profit and LTV is accurate after all costs, including shipping, ad spend, COGS & more.

Sort your orders by profit margin to see where you are making (or losing!) money. Drill down to see each specific product’s profitability as well as popular product combinations.

Understand how shipping costs are affecting your margin. We pull shipping data from Shipstation, Shippo & many more. Rank orders by shipping cost to identify and fix issues fast.

Revenue can be misleading. Some Facebook Ads or Google Ads might appear to be working, but OrderMetrics will tell you if they actually make a profit after all your other costs are considered.

Our Attribution module gives you insight into the LTV of customers from each of your advertising channels, even at the ad campaign level.

Get a deeper understanding of your multi-touch conversion funnel with our top customer journeys feature.

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We were able to improve overall margin by 5-6 percentage points.
— Airstream Life

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With just a few tweaks, I have saved over $5000 last month because of this app.
— Kewlioo

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Using this is a definite game-changer for daily insights into our profitability that we did not have before.
— Momentary Ink

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