Are You Ready to Ditch All Those Open Browser Tabs?

Connecting your Google Analytics account to OrderMetrics is easy, and it only takes a minute.

How OrderMetrics Works with Google Analytics

Get a complete look at your shop’s customer experience and performance combined. We extract the most valuable data from Google Analytics and highlight what you need to know in your primary Dashboard and Marketing Report, to give you a more holistic view of your store’s financial health.

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Monitor Your Growing Conversion Rate

Monitor and chart your conversion rate to see how it compares to your shop’s overall revenue, profitability, and ad spend.

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Get Instant Access to Website Traffic Data

View paid and organic traffic totals in your Marketing Report, and digest fast shopper experience data for any time period.

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Track Your Total Shop Performance in One Hub

Manage your site traffic, conversions, and ad performance by monitoring your business's daily profit dashboard.

Connecting Google Ads to OrderMetrics Is A Breeze

  1. Set up your OrderMetrics account.
  2. Go to Data and then Integrations.
  3. Click on the Google Analytics integration.
  4. Connect to your Google Analytics account.
  5. Once connected, we start pulling in your website analytics and metrics.
  6. View your store’s profit and analytics in your Dashboard and Advanced Reports.