Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

Connecting your Shopify store to OrderMetrics is easy and it only takes a few minutes.

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Feel Empowered with Smart COGS Management

We keep your COGS updated from Shopify, providing an easy way to view your products costs in context with your other expenses and revenue.

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Connect Unlimited Storefronts

If you have multiple Shopify stores, you can view their sales and profitability in one dashboard.

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Combine Multiple Data Sources

Combine all the data from your Shopify store, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more in a singular view of your profitability.

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See How Costs Impact Your Shopify Sales

By connecting other services with your Shopify store, you can gain valuable insights into your real business performance.

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Realize Your Profitability After Expenses

OrderMetrics connects your Shopify data with expenses you enter, like shipping costs and operational expenses to give you order-by-order gross profit.

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Find Out if Your Ads are Working

Link your Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts to view how your active campaigns impact your Shopify store's profitability.

Connect Shopify to OrderMetrics in 5 Minutes

  1. Set up your OrderMetrics account.
  2. Click on Data, then Integrations.
  3. Click Connect to add your Shopify store.
  4. Enter your Shopify store URL.
  5. Follow the signup prompts.
  6. View your Shopify store’s real profitability.