Video Guides

Order Metrics Overview

A brief, 2-minute overview of Order Metrics

Ad Campaign profitability

Learn how to analyze the profitability of your Facebook Ad campaigns after all variable expenses are taken into consideration.

Setting up AliExpress

AliExpress dropshippers - Learn how to use our Chrome Extension to automatically pull in your product and shipping costs for each order placed in AliExpress.

Importing Product Costs

Learn about the 3 methods to import product costs into Order Metrics

Managing Shipping Costs

Learn the different methods to apply shipping costs to your orders

Saving Dashboards

Use the presets feature to save and quickly access multiple dashboard configurations

Entering Custom Costs

Learn how to upload custom costs such as influencer marketing spend, app/software fees, rent, payroll, and more

Attribution Module Setup

Learn how to use our Attribution Module to optimize Marketing Campaigns & Ad spend